Sunday, June 17, 2012

CHEAP EATS!!! Loosemeat, or "maid rite", Sandwiches. Just try 'em. You'll love 'em.

There's just little recipes peppered through this post like Easter eggs.  Once I get started...

This is, I think a midwestern creation.
I'm sure an internet search would divulge the history of the loosemeat, or loose meat, sandwich. I did see a show on TV featuring the "maid rite" sandwich out of Iowa, and maybe another northern state, I think? But I just like to eat them.  Some Iowa friends passed this recipe to us. And I positively ADORE how cheap they are.  You even buy the cheap hamburger buns on this one, and use rehydrated onion flakes. Really.  

Sort of a savory take on Sloppy Joe's, which I absolutely LOVE, especially Sloppy Joe Cups:open a can of Grand's flaky biscuits, roll each biscuit about 6 or so inches wide, spray the underside of a muffin pan w/Pam, then press each biscuit on the bottom of a separate cup, bake as directed (may reduce a bit).  Cut the ones apart that baked slightly together, flip them out, and fill with Sloppy Joe mixture, topped with cheese and chopped onions.  Awesome and kinda fun.

Back to the loosemeat samwiches (that was for you Mom, sorry, I had to), I serve these little babies with crinkle fries, I dunno, something about the nostalgia of them.  Double fried, of course, for extra crispiness.  Just toss the fries in hot oil for about 3-5, just till they start really cooking, then pull the basket out, shake, and set on the fry basket rest on the side of your fryer.  Wait about 5 minutes, shake and return.  Fry till very golden and super crunchy, then toss on a pile of paper towels to drain.  And a little secret... this is over-the-top and most people can't catch what it is... sprinkle salt and a little sugar over the fries right when they come out of the grease.  DIVINE.  

And please no one turn me into your cardiologist.  I've been getting hate mail.

Maid Rite Sandwiches (easy and cheap "loose meat sandwiches") 1 lb ground chuck 12 oz coke 1 T Worcestershire 1 t onion powder 1 t yellow mustard 1/2 t salt 1/2 t black pepper for serving: 1 T dried minced onion 1 package cheap hamburger buns Sliced crinkle cut pickles (optional) Yellow mustard (optional) Rehydrate dried onions in warm water. In a large skillet, brown meat. Add remaining ingredients and summer until absorbed. Serve! NOT health conscious but our Iowa friends passed this to us and we love 'em!


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  2. The rehydrated onions are for serving - not in the meat mixture! I can't edit right now.


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